Thanks to all who attended Summer Adventures 2018

Portledge Summer Adventures is now in the process of organizing for summer 2019! Please feel free to look around the website to get a taste of what was offered this year and stay tuned for more information about summer 2019.

Melissa's Message


Welcome to the Portledge Summer Adventures website.

What an amazing summer we had this past summer 2018!!! What did we learn this summer? Whether this was your first summer at Portledge Summer Adventures or you are a veteran, we all took on new challenges and enjoyed favorite pastimes. I thank you for your attendance and hope it was a truly enjoyable, growing, fun-filled experience for your children.

This summer, we were excited to see many of our friends continue to seek stimulating new programs at Summer Adventures well into their Middle School years.  As our summer student body grows, we work to grow with them and to plan programs that meet their developing needs and ambitions.  For example, we added Advanced Woodworking and a new car building class as well as classes in cooking, internet safety, and how to develop a YouTube page.

For next year’s summer (yes, we begin thinking about next summer as the past summer is ending), we hope to offer more in-depth classes for older students and plan to engage in more programming that will collaborate with other organizations in our local community and give back.  We will not only offer science programs that utilize labs in other institutions, as we have done with NYIT and Webb Institute but work to build community service programs and hopefully develop programs that build leadership in Middle School students.

That being said, we will continue to enhance programs that are always popular and activities students look forward to attending or growing into each summer they spend at Summer Adventures.  There is a lot to look forward to and many memories have been built, so I plan the next summer with you in mind and hope to see you at one of our interactive open house events this winter.

In the meantime, thank you again for your continued support of Portledge Summer Adventures.  Feel free to look around the website to get a taste of what we offered in summer 2018 and stay tuned for what is to come!

Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information...