Melissa's Message


Welcome to the Summer Adventures webpage! 

Nature vs Nurture? I have been pondering the effects of nature on our children for a while now. Spending significant amounts of time outdoors is critical to a child's growth and development, and encourages greater environmental awareness. As the Director of Summer Adventures, I am continually amazed by the sense of wonder and love of nature shared by the children who attend Summer Adventures, which drives my team and me to keep that engagement fresh and new.  In our Early Childhood program, we engage with the outdoors through play and art and discovery in our Reggio inspired program.  This summer we will make greater use of Coffin Wood, the nature preserve adjacent to the Portledge campus. Two separate programs will enable children of all ages to explore the nature trails that run through Coffin Woods.  Students will have the opportunity to engage with nature by investigating plants, animals, birds, trees and trails, one with our new environmentalist and the other with our biology teacher.  
We have an entirely new science curriculum to keep our returning friends enthused about topics of interest.  Join physics and computer whiz Eric Johnson for classes in space and rocketry, robotics, Sea Perch robot building, and more. New to our science staff, but not new to Summer Adventures is Ms. Donna Salladino who is teaching all things STEM. Ms. Salladino has a master's degree in STEM and teaches a third grade class, so she knows what kids love, they love to build and create and that is what they will do in the five week-long opportunities with Ms. Salladino.  Computers and Coding classes are also all new and meet the needs of a variety of ages and abilities.  And don't miss out on our new veterinarian programs as well!
On the sports front, we are excited to have Heat Elite basketball join us to bring a more intensive experience to Portledge Summer Adventures. In addition, the Baseball Academy is planning a trip to a Mets game this year! 
So please read through our course selections to review all the choices we can offer your child, check out the in-depth teacher bios and gain access to online registration to all our summer adventures. We also invite you to attend a Summer Sampler Open House, and most definitely come and spend the summer with us!!
I look forward to seeing you and your child.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information...