Machines that Move Workshop

The Handwork Studio partners with Portledge Summer Adventures to offer workshops in fiber arts, textile design, creativity, design and build, and more. The philosophy began with fiber arts and handcrafts helping children to learn the value of working with your hands and creating works of art with fabrics, yarns, and needle and thread. Handworks build concentration, perseverance, creativity, spatial design, and more!
Courses for The Handwork Studio require a purchase of a kit that will be mailed personally to your home. Two weeks advanced registration is required.
Through the power of storytelling, building, and collaboration, students will learn all about machines that move - spaceships, cars, and airplanes. They will use that knowledge to engineer their own machine that goes!

Dates: July 13-17
Ages: 5-7 years
Times: 9:00am-12:00pm
Course fee: $225

Kit purchase required 2 weeks in advance