Learning Chinese with Music And Culture

Students will learn daily basic conversational Chinese, such as names, family, body parts, animals, and foods, as well as other songs, and crafts featuring Chinese culture. The program will also offer a basic introduction to recognition of Chinese characters. Please make sure that you have access to a device (computer, laptop, iPad) connected to a stable Internet, a web camera, and a microphone. During part of the Summer Adventure Program, the teacher will show how to make crafts and/or how to do dance movements; therefore, space would be needed for your child at home.

Program time: 30 minutes / 9:00am - 9:30am ( sing along only) Program time: 45 minutes / 10:00am - 10:45am ( with the recognizing Chinese character lesson)
Instructor: Luisa Wu
Dates: June 22 - July 3 ( 2 weeks)
Times: 9:00am-10:45am
Ages: 5-9 years old
Course fee: $295