Who's Ready for Middle School?

This course is designed to promote an effective transition from elementary school students to confident and independent middle school students! This four week course will be split in half between working through organizational skills and a content catch up for the four core content areas. The first two weeks will be devoted to delving into navigating through textbooks, the online platform, the middle school schedule, and long term assignments, as well as emailing teachers, advocating for themselves, and preparing for cumulative exams and finals. The final two weeks will be a general content catch up to help your children get ready for the start of science, math, social studies, and English, as well as analyzing a variety of study skills to determine the best methods for each child. Finally, we will go through the "Do's and Don't's" of middle school to allow for a successful and easy transition

Class schedule:
1st two weeks: Organizational skills: reading a textbook, proper headings, entering classrooms late, MyPortledge, emailing teachers, researching online, navigating schedules and long term assignments, etc.
2nd two weeks: Content catch up: math, English, social studies, and science catch up and skills including, but not limited to annotating, echoing questions, elaborating, using details and examples to support claims, and study skills

Materials: Charged laptop, loose-leaf paper, pen/pencil/calculator, and the ability to take pictures and email work
Instructor: Rachael Ferruggia
Dates: July 27- Aug 21
Times:10:00am-11:00am daily
Grades: Rising 6th graders
Course fee: $450.00