Vineyard App Camp

In this new to Portledge program students learn to build and release an app onto the App store, gain lifelong skills and confidence and become a young entrepreneur. This program is a great follow up to the business or coding classes offered or if your son or daughter has an idea they would like to develop either for profit or for community service then this is the class for you! Class size is limited to 5 students per instructor, so join us on your own or find five friends interested in working together for this fun, highly individualized class taught by two young entrepreneurs.

Instead of just teaching your child to code, help them become a young entrepreneur! In this course, all students build and release their own iOS app on Apple's AppStore, and gain the ability to call themselves young entrepreneurs. Along the way, they build lifelong confidence, cement 21st-century skills, and initiative they need to thrive in the job market. The course is for middle school and high school students, with classes split up by experience level. Classes are highly personalized, with one experienced instructor for every five students.

Within the course, we create an engaging, fun atmosphere, recreating as much of the in-person summer camp experience as we can for kids while remote. Many students build apps that are directly applicable to their communities, or incorporate a service element - for example, one student built and launched a foodbank access app for his area. We also take security very seriously - there's no open access to the Internet during the course.

Students take classes for one week, for 3 hours a week. Students who love the course have the option to continue to a second or third week at a reduced price, adding more features to their App and learning more code (warning, they may want to just keep going). This is a great course to take with friends.

Dates: July 6-10: Beginner's Course

July 27-31: Beginners Course

Aug 3-7 Advanced Course ( Part II to Beginner course)
Times: 1-3:30

Other weeks available upon request
Course fee: $600

Jordan Taylor: Jordan loves helping students unlock their potential and build their own apps! A graduate of Brown University, he traces his love of entrepreneurship to building a CrosswordContest app in college that at its height made $1000 a month. He has had a long career in Silicon Valley and most recently worked as a Senior Technical Architect for a billion dollar startup, where he designed software (that had nothing to do with war) for the Department of Defense and Amazon.

Jackie Wang: Jackie is passionate about helping students become young entrepreneurs. A graduate of UPenn, she automated her family's ink factories by moving them onto a custom app that she wrote herself.