Bio SAT II Enrichment Course

Interested in taking the SAT II in Biology later this year? Ms. Gerin is offering an enrichment course, covering topics that were missed in Advanced Biology this year including Evolution, Human Body Systems, and Plant Structure. This three week course will prepare you for the SAT II in Biology through lectures, labs/activities, practice questions, and more. If biology is something that interests you for the future, some colleges are turning to “test optional”, meaning that SAT II tests can count as a test submission in lieu of the ACT or standard SAT on college applications. Don’t miss this opportunity to be prepared.
Required Materials:
  • Laptop
  • Access to Google Suites Programs (Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail, etc.)
  • Access to Zoom, video chatting platform that will be used
  • Use of the online editing program, Kami repared!
Instructor; Ms. Alexandra Gerin
Dates: July 6-10, July 13-17, July 20-24
Time Online:  1 pm-3 pm, daily. Approximately 2 hours of synchronous time a day (on screen, working together)
After class you should expect to dedicate approximately 2 hours of asynchronous to working independently off video on assignments
Course Fees: $1300