Algebra 2 (non credit option) 2 weeks

Students can also take the Algebra 2 course for 2 weeks for non-credit; strengthening their skills and preparing for the subject for next year. The course begins with a review of topics from Algebra 1 and then proceeds to include: radicals, fractional exponents, complex numbers, polynomial equations, functions, relations, systems of equations and inequalities (including absolute value inequalities), logarithmic and exponential functions, sequences and series, and statistics and probability. Algebra 2 has a component that meets the trigonometry requirement. Students completing the full course may take the SAT Subject Test in Mathematics, Level I.

Instructor: Kelly Corby Math Dept. Head
Dates: July 6- 17 (2 weeks)
Times: 9-12 daily, 1-3 pm extra help and homework
Course fee: $1400