Join Senior Chess Master Roger LaFlair for summer chess instruction online. Experience chess lessons and play in a fun filled remote environment for players of all abilities. Players of different levels will be split into breakout rooms using zoom software. They will gain a solid chess foundation that emphasizes the fundamental skills required to succeed at chess, including chess tactics, opening principles, and endgame theory. Participants will learn about chess notation, proper tournament etiquette, and the use of chess clocks. More intensive instruction is offered to advanced players who are aspiring to become strong tournament players. Students will play versus each other using software that is custom tailored and controlled by the instructors that is free from outsiders. They will receive one year accounts with the platform that provides plenty of practice problems and additional resources to reinforce their chess skills.

Instructor: Roger La Flair
Dates: July20-24, 27-31 and Aug 3-7
Times: 10:00am-12:00pm
Course fee: $225/week