Pre-Calculus (for credit)

Precalculus R uses the complex number system to further explore all types of mathematical functions presented graphically, analytically, verbally, or numerically, including linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Students solidify and expand their knowledge of function notation with a specific emphasis on reading and analyzing graphs and their behavior to find maximums, minimums, intervals of increasing, decreasing, and concavity, along with end behavior and discontinuities. Manipulating functions with shifts, reflections, and stretches is also emphasized as well as building and modeling functions and comparing which functions fit best with given data sets and information. Standard function material is also covered including domain, range, odd, even, inverse functions, and function composition. In addition, curriculum in the use of a TI-84 graphing calculator is presented and also used to analyze the behavior of more complex functions. In preparation for Calculus R, the course ends with an introduction to limits, time permitting.

Topics will cover
- Introductory skills
- Introduction to functions
- Polynomial functions
- Rational functions
- Exponential and log functions
- Trigonometry
- Sequences and series and/or intro to calculus time permitting

Instructor: Ms. Janine Sillat
Dates: July 6 to Aug 14
Times: 10am-2pm daily
Course fee: $3700

Ms. Sillat has been a teacher at Portledge School since 2006. After earning her BA and an MS in Mathematics from CSU, Fresno, Mrs. Sillat taught abroad for 7 years before returning to the United States. Currently, she runs a very successful AP Calculus program, along with the prerequisite precalculus courses offered at Portledge School. Mrs. Sillat has been listed as an editor for Perfection Learning, and she is currently working on a supplemental text containing calculus for precalculus courses