NEW! CIT/ Leadership Camp

This program is offered to the teen that has aged out of traditional camp programs and is not quite ready for a full-time position/job. CIT trainees will participate in leadership workshops as well as receive real-life job experiences. The summer will be divided into eight mini-lessons including CPR/first aid training, job etiquette, and team-building exercises. Twice a week, CIT trainees will attend an after-camp reflection meeting which will be led by certified teachers/ administrators and guest speakers. These meetings encourage CITs to share experiences as well as listen and learn from their peers and professionals in the area of early childhood/secondary education. Upon successful completion of the eight-week program, CIT’s will receive a certificate, resume guidance, and a letter of recommendation.

Dates: June 22 - Aug. 14
Ages: 13 - 15 years old
Time: 9 am - 1 pm
Course Fee: $2,200