This is a 12 hour SAT/ACT prep course (plus practice tests) taught by A-List Education’s test experts. It begins with a real retired diagnostic SAT or ACT on July 16th. Students learn skills and strategies applicable to these tests during the weeks of July 20th and 27th, and then practice what they’ve learned with a second practice test on Aug 4th. Attendees will learn strategies and content fundamental to both the SAT and ACT, and A-List’s engaging instructors keep this fast-paced class fun and informative. Following each practice test, parents and students receive a detailed score analysis. At the conclusion of the course, parents and students are entitled to a complimentary consultation with A-List to assess their progress and discuss future steps for test preparation. This course is ideal for students who have not begun to prepare for these tests, or serves as a great refresher to enhance test scoring in the fall.

Dates: Pre Test: July 16, 1 pm
Dates: July 21, 23, 28 and 30, 1 - 4 pm
Post Test: Aug. 4, 1pm
Course Fee: $750