Summer Reading Instruction

Have your child get a jump start on summer reading assignments and maintain skills learned throughout the year.

This hourly option is a great way to keep your child’s skills sharp throughout the summer. Our learning specialist, Kristy Samulduski, has been teaching for sixteen years in grades Pre-K through 12th. She has a Master’s Degree in Literacy and was recently a model teacher in the NYC public school system. She will provide communication and written feedback about your child’s reading progress and help with summer book projects. We will pay attention to the successes gained, the areas that we found challenging, and we will look ahead to what your child can achieve the following year. Sessions are scheduled individually throughout the mornings from Monday through Friday.

Dates: June 25 - Aug. 10

Ages: All grades Time: scheduled individually

Course Fee: $50 (1/2 hour), $85 (1 hour)