Drama Add-On

This mini drama program meets weekly from 1-3 pm each day. It is an abbreviated theater option for those who cannot participate in the full Mary Poppins production, but love to dress up and enjoy acting! Each week, campers will be given time to have fun dressing up or working on costuming while preparing to perform a familiar story or play. Improvised acting and fun are a big part of this program! Students have the opportunity to develop singing and acting skills while having fun improvising. At the end of the week, participants get to act in a short performance in full costume. This program is also a terrific option for those who need to schedule a shorter day. By attending multiple weeks of Drama add-on, your child can qualify to perform in the production of Mary Poppins.
Add-On Dates: weekly from June 24- July 26
Ages: 4 and up
Time: 1 - 3 pm
Course Fee: $215/week