Theatre Arts - Drama (6 weeks)

Join us in the production of Mary Poppins! This summer we will offer a flexible schedule to accommodate families, starting with two weeks in our Creative Theatre Arts program to warm up. In this class students will write their own scripts and perform on stage leading up to the production of Mary Poppins during the remaining four weeks. Daily activities include:
• Singing - learn the songs for the play and work with piano accompanist to perfect your pitch
• Dancing - each day the actors work on dance and choreography for the show
• Acting - script reading, skits, and on stage acting
• Set design - see the set come to life throughout the six weeks
• Costume design - participants get to design and make colorful costumes
Students who participate in this program learn to work together to achieve a common goal and in the process strengthen leadership and communication skills, establish greater self-confidence and have a lot of fun along the way.
Dates: June 24 - Aug. 2
Ages: 8 years old and up
Time: 9 am - 3 pm
Course Fee: $2,900