Can You Dig It – Fossil Hunt Add-On

Can You Dig It – Fossil Hunt Add-On Do you dig Dinosaurs, Archaeology, and Paleontology? This workshop will make those words come alive. Each child will partake in a simulated fossil excavation, uncovering the different bones of a dinosaur. Each child will then assemble the bones to form a completed 3-dimensional dinosaur to be taken home. We will bring the excavation tools, labels, and specimen bags and use our geological time and fossil charts to make a plaster fossil replica of an ammonite, Tyrannosaurus rex tooth or choose from other molds. Students will identify 20-million-year-old shark’s teeth and see other fossil replicas such as a cave bear tooth, an ammonite, a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth or a dinosaur egg and much more. In this class, students will also see and work with our rock and mineral collection.

Add-On Dates: July 9 - 13

Ages: 5 - 8 years old

Time: 1 pm - 4 pm

Add-On Course Fee: $425